Our founder Alison Lowe MBE is a renowned supporter and promoter of start-up and creative brands and entrepreneurs. She has launched the Spirited Entrepreneur Network to  support entrepreneurial businesses and bring together spirited entrepreneurs to network and share creative ideas. We will be highlighting the brands we discover both here and on our social media accounts @felicitiesagency and @spiritedentrepreneurs

Charli Cohen was born out of a need for evolved clothing and progression within the fashion industry. The brand makes NEXTWEAR: looking to the future of fashion, aesthetically, in terms of technology and in terms of sustainability. Manufacturing limited quantities of each style in London, Leicester, Porto and Shanghai. The brand sources premium, responsibly produced technical textiles from Milan, as well as upcycling from military surplus and tacticalwear.



Audrey Migot-Adholla is the founder of award winning African jewellery brand Yala Jewellery, who splits her time between her home in Bristol and Kenya, where her jewellery is produced.  Yala was the first jewellery brand to become a Certified B Corporation, creating ethical jewellery that is created to last, with collaborators who are paid fairly and materials that are eco-friendly.  Audrey is passionate about ensuring true transparency across the production process, and a genuine connection between the people who created Yala jewellery and the customer.


Shelli-Oh is an Indonesian-Canadian fashion designer, who is the creative director behind her eponymous brand, creating both menswear and stunning ethereal womenswear. The Shelli Oh collections infuse a refreshingly unique vitality and vision into a line of clothing for both women and men, with a signature focus on distinctive details, unique textures and stylish charm… 



Imogen Belfield continues to push the boundaries with her jewellery collections, developing new designs each season whilst continuing to advance popular signature pieces. Taking inspiration from nature, science and architecture, Imogen is known for her distinct style of mark making in metal: a fusion between fluidity and texture. She creates unique jewellery sculptures ranging from cascading golden nugget pendants encrusted with precious stones, to statement ‘rockesque’ rings.


That Gorilla Brand set out with the aim to create more than a fashion brand, they are committed to making a positive impact on the world. The brand gives back by donating money from every sale to The Gorilla Organisation. The company embraces the principles of strength, love and loyalty, in a unique clothing collection that always values quality and design over profit, and never forgets the importance of giving back. 


Emily is an extremely talented artist from Devon who works in acrylics to create the designs for her eponymous brand, Emily Smith Designs. Working from her family farm in the beautiful depths of Devon, she finds inspiration from the animals and countryside around her. “The best thing for me is seeing the finished product, seeing what I just created and hoping there is someone that appreciates it as much as I do.” Originally only painting for her children, Emily was soon inundated for requests of her paintings and this led to the launch of the Emily Smith brand, which now has an ever-growing product range, including umbrellas, prints, notebooks, and homewares.


Annie Woon is an entrepreneur who established her business in wig design and creation for celebrities and subsequently worked with premier fashion houses in France. She has extended her service to creating wigs for those in medical need of them. Not limited to just wigs, she works on other creative collaborations as well.


Ylenia Mangano is a luxury womenswear brand creating elegant and timeless pieces. Founded by designer Ylenia, the Milan based brand creates exceptional womenswear that is designed to be loved for a lifetime. There is attention to detail in every phase of the creative process, from the choice of luxury fabrics such as silk, organza and silk duchesse; to the creation of the embroidery that reflects a classic elegance with a modern eye.